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Bringing People Together for the holidays

Uber’s brand values can simply be defined as fostering social inter-connectivity through the digital sphere. This is well articulated in the brand’s visual identity showing computerized, intersecting lines which illustrate the infinite possibilities for social connectivity the app presents.

In this spirit, Pinyin Studio designed seasonal key visuals using straight and curved lines in keeping with Uber’s visual identity. The message was therefore clear that both Uber and holidays bring people together.

A Christmas Ride

Creating the 2016 Christmas Key Visual for Uber, we immersed ourselves in this environment, which combines straight and curved lines, conveying both confidence and approachability, with the fun and vibrant ambiance of Uber Christmas. The simplicity of the Uber logotype reflects the simplicity of their service and their brand in general. Mixing the vibes of a well celebrated foreign holiday such as Christmas with the elements of this well-respected brand created a mix of icons, shapes and visuals which can really leverage more user awareness.

Red Lantern Festival

Poster Design