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The SAN (meaning 3 in Chinese) 三合门 restaurant is established within the walls of the Artyzen Hotel in Beijing. Devoted to offering a welcoming and straight-forward “Wok, Grill & Bar” of the highest quality, SAN values authenticity and atmosphere. Following the name, we developed a concept around the number 3. The number 3 is a symbol or origins, opposition, balance and harmony.

Pinyin Studio designed a logo and visual identity that represents the nature of the restaurant, which is simplicity, quality with a right mix of traditions and modern trends. The logo expresses 3 strokes in perfect harmony, but also in opposition. The brush style refers to the tradition while the font selection personifies modernism. The strokes also imitate the spinning motion of the food in the Wok. The menu is a trifold which opens its golden doors to a simple selection of the food.

Visual Identity