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Finding Light in the Darkness

Joyway is a Broadway-style act that features across 21 cities in China. Their shows are widely acclaimed as fun, dynamic and finding humour in the darkest situations. The plots typically revolve around the main character Mr. Joy finding himself in an unfortunate, unpredictable, yet humorous situation.

With no visuals to illustrate the colorful nature of the show, Joyway approached Pinyin Studio to create their logo and visual identity. Naturally, Mr. Joy would be at the center of this promotion. Pinyin Studio began by designing colorful, cartoon style logo of Mr. Joy maintaining a frown, portraying the colorful yet dark nature of the show. Accompanying this was a consistent VI applied to all of Joyway’s posters illustrating the unpredictable situations that Mr Joy finds himself in.

Logo Design

Visual Identity

Poster series 1

Poster series 2